Wedding Day Timings

1.30pm Ceremony Time

It's Your Day

Every wedding day is unique and we will work with you to create your bespoke wedding day timings.

When choosing your wedding day timings you may want to consider things like daylight hours (leaving enough time for daytime photos), how long you'll need to get ready, and where you and your guests are travelling from etc.

Your schedule is your decision, however, we highly reccommend a 1.30pm ceremony time. This allows for a smooth flowing day, fitting everything in comfortably.

Read on to get more of an idea of how your wedding day schedule might look based on a 1.30pm ceremony time at Hanbury Barns.

9am The Morning Before

At 9am the day before your wedding, you'll drop off all your decorations and any other personal touches to Hanbury Barns.

Our wonderful team will be waiting for your arrival to give you hand unloading your items. This is also the ideal opportunity to discuss any last minute instructions regarding your setup in the morning.

You'll bring a labelled box per table containing place name cards, favours, and any other decorative pieces that the Events Team will be placing out on each table for you.

By this point, please be reassured that you will have discussed all your setup with your Events Manager so they can place things out exactly as you have envisioned.

10am On The Day

From 10am on your wedding day, your suppliers will have access to the venue to begin setting up.

We want to keep things as stress-free as possible for you, so we recommend you take a look at our Handpicked Suppliers List. On here is an extensive list of reliable suppliers who we trust to deliver a fantastic service on  your wedding day. They will also already be very familiar with the venue and how we work meaning you can relax more in the knowledge that everyone knows what they're doing.

Our incredible caterers will also begin arriving onsite from this time to start laying out The Wedding Breakfast Barn and begin prep for your food and drinks.

Handpicked Suppliers

10:30am: Your Arrival

You and your entourage have access to The Dressing Room from 10:30am to begin all the exciting pre-wedding prep. You may want to invite your photographer inside to grab some 'getting ready' snaps.

11am: Exclusive Use

From 11am, the venue is all yours! The only people onsite will be those you've personally invited and our wonderful staff who will be busy preparing for your special day.

12:30pm: One Hour To Go

Usually your partner will get ready somewhere else and arrive at the venue at this time, accompanied with their own wedding party.

This leaves plenty of time to mingle and welcome guests before the ceremony.

1pm: Thirty Minutes Before

The Registrar will wish to speak to you both privately around half an hour before the ceremony. Normally, one of you would have this chat in The Dressing Room, and other in The Ceremony Barn.

Guests will also be arriving at this point to which your Event Manager will be on hand to guide them to where the ceremony is taking place.

1:30pm: Ceremony Time!

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived! The duration of the ceremony is dependent on your choice of readings, however, most ceremonies last around 30 minutes.

2pm: Drinks Reception

For The Drinks Reception, guests are invited into The Woodend Barn and the joining Courtyard. The catering staff will be there to welcome you with trays of celebratory drinks.

Generally, Drinks Receptions last for around an hour and a half, which usually gives the photographer the opportunity to get all the main shots in while your guests socialise over delightful drinks and canapés perhaps. 

This is also the ideal time for you both to sneak off and get all those gorgeous couple shots in the gardens with your photographer.

3:30pm: The Eland Barn

Guests are welcomed into The Eland Barn to find their seats. The Happy Couple waits behind until everyone is comfortable before being announced into the room to much cheering and applause.

3:45pm: The Wedding Breakfast

One of the most enjoyable parts of the day. Your tailored menu and chosen wine will begin being served up in style by the catering team.

5:15pm: Speeches

Traditionally, this is the time where some of your loved ones will want to share a few kind words. We can provide a wireless microphone to ensure your voice is heard by every person in the room.

6-8pm: Mingling Time!

The bar becomes popular during this time as guests enjoy having a little wander and a chat between themselves.

8pm: The First Dance

The moment you take to the dancefloor as a married couple!

Whatever evening entertainment you choose, whether it's a DJ or a live band, we have loads of incredible recommendations on our Handpicked Suppliers list!

8:30pm: Evening Refreshments

Re-energise guests for the evening festivities by serving up some delightful and inventive dishes. It's the best way to give guests a bit of energy to keep the dancefloor full all night long!

11:45: Last Orders

Midnight: The Bar Closes, All Guests Depart Hanbury Barns

When the clock strikes twelve, it is then time to wander down to your quirky wedding night pod for a peaceful night's rest.

12:15am: Hanbury Barns Closes.

12:30am: All Guests To Have departed The Venue

Our fabulous team gathers up any remaining belongings in the barns and carefully places them into secure overnight storage. Any unused drinks you may have supplied will also be safely stored away ready for you to collect at your 9am or 9.30am slot the next morning.