Wedding Breakfast Barn

The Eland Barn

Wedding Breakfast

Traditionally the Wedding Breakfast is the very first meal that you share as a couple after becoming married.

At Hanbury Barns we have the perfect Wedding Breakfast Barn for you and your special guests to indulge in a delicious 3 course menu designed by the happy couple!

The beautiful beams, gorgeous lighting and idyllic surroundings provide the perfect backdrop to your magical meal.

Beautiful Barn

The largest of the three barns, the Eland Barn is an ideal space for your wedding breakfast. Hidden away from guests until it is time for the big reveal, the gentle lighting and decor gives you free range to create something very unique for your guests as they enjoy the meal.

With grand windows letting in the light and exposed beams it is an airy space with rustic charm.

The barn can comfortably seat up to 150 guests so it can accommodate even the biggest families.

Having a dedicated separate space for your Wedding Breakfast gives you the opportunity to do 'The Big Reveal'. As guests will not have seen this room yet, you will be able to wow them further by unveiling all your gorgeous styling and setup that you have worked so hard to pull together.

Straight or Round Top Table

If you would prefer a round top table rather than the traditional straight top table, we can provide you with the perfect position, amongst your guests, to soak up the atmosphere of your special day.

Whether you have a guest list of 30 or 150, we have fabulous options for arranging your tables to fit perfectly for your guest numbers.

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