The Roost

Designed With Comfort In Mind

The Quieter Moments

In the quieter moments on the wedding day, perhaps after enjoying a spectacular wedding breakfast, guests can relax in our dedicated chill-out area.

We want to maintain that sense of togetherness on your wedding day. This relaxing lounge area is attached to and easily accessible from The Woodend Barn, meaning guests can easily retreat to this space for a moment of calm without being completely separated from the party.

A Moment Of Calm

As wonderful as weddings are, they are full on! So everyone deserves that little place to escape to when they need a breather.

In The Roost you will find plenty of tables and plush sofas to sink back into and easy access to The Courtyard where you can enjoy catching up with friends and family.

Worry not, as the bar is strategically placed centrally in the venue, just a few steps away from The Roost. Meaning no guest has to ever go thirsty!

Sit Back and Relax

This multi-use space is exclusively yours throughout your entire wedding day.

It is a great spot to welcome guests on the morning of your wedding to settle in before the ceremony, or the ideal location to chill out after the Wedding Breakfast. Older guests may also find their way to this quiet area for a little rest during a busy day of celebrations.

It has been designed with comfort and relaxation in mind as the perfect place to 'take it all in'.